With "Very Fluid" Wintry Forecast on Tap, City Hall Gives the Word: Activate Ice Force One!

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm watch for most o' North Texas from late tonight till Sunday evening, but cautions: Sure, it may snow. Could be anywhere from three to five inches, matter of fact. Or not: "This is a very fluid situation and many factors may change the forecast." Nevertheless, City Hall just sent word: It's not taking any chances. Sanding trucks are on standby; so too code compliance. To the release:

Street Services will have crews on stand-by prepared to activate Ice Force One which consists of 30 sanding trucks and crews as needed and will elevate the City's response to Ice Force Two, doubling the force if weather conditions warrant it.

Code Compliance crews are checking for residents and businesses who are violating City rules regarding sprinkler usage during inclement weather. Section 49-21 of the City of Dallas Code governs water conservation regarding sprinklers. The fine for violating the Code is $250 to $2,000 per incident.

Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) has repair crews on standby around-the-clock to respond to any water main breaks that may occur. During extended periods of freezing temperatures, DWU adds additional staff to handle increased burst pipe calls. Customers can report water leaks by calling (214) 651-1441 or 311.

The Dallas Police Department's Crisis Intervention Division will stand by to activate Operation Code Blue to locate unsheltered homeless persons and take them to the Bridge (Dallas Homeless Assistance Center).

Remember, wrap your pipe -- sound advice no matter what the weather.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.