Daniel Rodrigue

Would-Be Dropouts Can Expect a Phone Call from Mayor Tom Today at 3

The media's been invited down to City Hall today -- once more, to take pictures of Mayor Tom Leppert, like, doing something. Few weeks back he got a back-to-school haircut; today, 'round 3 p.m., he'll be making back-to-school phone calls. That's because, as we've mentioned before, some 30,000 should-be Dallas Independent School District students didn't show on the first day of school last week, and Mayor Tom's gonna join folks from the Volunteer Center of North Texas on a phone bank "to reach students who have not attended school this year and ask them to return."

And, sure, in case the kids have caller ID or think they're being pranked, Mayor Tom and Superintendent Mike will also take to the streets, Crockett and Tubbs-style, on Saturday morning, following a media conference scheduled for 8 a.m. at North Dallas High School. Says the city's release: "After the news conference, the mayor and superintendent will walk from home to home to visit the homes of students who have not returned to school yet and can become potential dropouts." It's part of the statewide initiative called Operation Comeback, not to be confused with this Operation Comeback. --Robert Wilonsky

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