Wowboys 24, Aints 17: My Top 10 Observations

Okay, I'm technically on vacation. But I know the drill.

When a dude predicts the Cowboys will lose 45-10 and is flat dead ass wrong, he needs to show up to take his Season's Beatings. Right? So here I am, take your best shot.

FYI, I like my crow with a cup of gumbo.

10. Wholly Guacamole!!!

9. You can say the Saints weren't the Saints. That Reggie Bush got hurt and Jeremy Shockey didn't play and Devery Henderson dropped a touchdown pass. Or you could say the Cowboys played their most complete, impressive game since beating the Green Bay Packers to improve to 11-1 in late November 2007.

8. Seriously, who were those guys? The Cowboys played with passion and pace and urgency. Their 14 points in the first quarter were more than the total of the their last six first quarters combined. Tony Romo played with enthusiasm and Felix Jones and Marion Barber ran with purpose and the Cowboys actually looked like they were having fun. If I may, Who Dat?

7. Was I seeing things at Duke's in Bedford or did Bobby Carpenter actually make a couple of nice plays downfield? Wow. Wonders, they never cease to amaze. That is, if you wait long enough.

6. I'm with you fans now. Kevin Ogletree > Roy Williams. If the Cowboys are serious about December and beyond, their receiver and kicker need to be benched, if not released. Right?

5. Nick Folk's gotta go. Of course, if Wade Phillips had any stones - or foresight, or intuition - he'd a been gone a month ago. Say hello, Shaun Suisham. Will he be the Cowboys' MVP if he helps them beat the Redskins in Washington after missing two field goals for the Redskins in Dallas? Yes, I think he will.

4. Yes, Jason Garrett. That's it! The deep ball to Miles Austin is what we've been pleading for. I'll say this, Austin now has 11 touchdowns and is having a better season than Terrell Owens had last season. So there.

3. As if there was any doubt, DeMarcus Ware is the shit. Seriously, he was lying in a hospital bed six nights before forcing two fumbles on two sacks.

2. Hey Tony Romo haters, do you consider that a big game? In case you're keeping score, this December he's thrown six touchdowns and no interceptions. That's right, none.

1. Give Wade Phillips credit. His defense held the San Diego Chargers and New Orleans Saints to season lows in consecutive games. But does it really take NBC's Tony Dungy to motivate the Cowboys? If so, hire him out of retirement and demand his weekly pre-game speech consists of two words: "No chance."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.