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Wowboys 34, Eagirls 14: My Top 10 Observations

10. Spit Happens. So do three-game sweeps that finally, unequivocally bury memories of 44-6.

9. Cowboys at Vikings next Sunday at noon. Get ready for a week of Tony-Romo-is-a-younger-Brett-Favre comparisons. One thing's for sure: Cowboys are as hot as anyone. During their four-game winning streak they have never trailed.

8. Mike Jenkins intercepts a pass up 34-7 and tries a lateral to Terence Newman during the return? This guy may be Deion Sanders after all.

7. With Mark Colombo returning to the lineup, of the Cowboys' opening-day roster only Patrick Watkins wasn't suited up and available today. Amazing. NFL teams don't have healthier seasons than this year's Cowboys.

6. I dunno, something just seems a little wrong about Emmitt Smith waving a towel and leading cheers after his pre-season 7-9 prediction that was spiked with criticisms of Tony Romo's maturity and the team's lack of leadership. Emmitt, like some of us other non-believers, can be in the parade, they just shouldn't be allowed to ride on the float. Smith's analysis of his analysis: "It's hard to predict what will happen with human beings. My opinion's like a butthole, everybody's got one."

5. Awkward moment of the game was when a fan appeared on JumboJerry holding a sign that read "Marry Me, Tony Romo." The fan ... was a dude.

4. After three meetings this much is certain: The Eagles can't block the Cowboys' front seven. Donovan McNabb was harassed for the second consecutive week. Even when receivers were open, pressure forced him to deliver the pass sooner than he wanted  In three games this season Philly managed just three offensive touchdowns, including Michael Vick's 76-yard pass tonight. In the last 12 quarters the Cowboys' defense has allowed only 14 points.

3. Former President George Dubya Bush was a guest in owner Jerry Jones' suite. No truth to the rumor that in Dallas' post-game locker room Bush unfurled a banner that read: Mission Accomplished! Super Bowl Champions!!

2. No doubt in my mind that Felix Jones is the Cowboys' best running back. Yours? Give credit to Martellus Bennett and Leonard Davis for hole-clearing blocks, but Jones' burst is unique. For what it's worth, Marion Barber was limping noticeably in the locker room.

1. After going 4,757 days between playoff victories, the Cowboys are again relative winners. No matter what happens Sunday in Minneapolis, Wade Phillips can win a playoff game, Tony Romo can win a big game and Jerry Jones can breathe a small sigh of relief. Actually, it was a neat scene, Jerry smiling and walking into the locker room arm-in-arm with David Buehler and Terence Newman. "The demons are what?!" Jones bellowed. "Gone!" Chirped secondary coach Dave Campo nearby: "Any more jinxes? Let us know!"

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