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Wowboys 7, Deadskins 6: My Top 10 Observations

10. Fine, I'll say it: Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett is too quick to abandon the pass. I'll say it, of course, with tongue firmly planted in cheek. After only 11 handoffs to running backs in Green Bay, Dallas was committed to the running game today. The good: 33 rushes for 153 yards. The bad: No points until the final drive of the game.

9. On a scale of 1-10, I'm worried a 3 about Tony Romo's hip pointer/tweaked back. He was wincing. His passes were high. But he got a post-game shot and he had a post-game smile. On the way off the field to the locker room he delivered a left-handed fist pump as he jogged. He'll be fine. Vintage Romo, by the way, spinning away from Brian Orakpo to find Patrick Crayton on the game-winning touchdown.

8. Receiver Roy Williams failed to catch any of the four passes thrown his way. He did, however, deliver some hyperbole. "This football team is good enough to win the Super Bowl," he said. "We're playing Super Bowl defense right now. And, it may not look like it, but on offense we're real, real close."

7. One thing we can count on: The Cowboys will - at least in their last two games - score a touchdown on their final fourth-quarter possession. If it's your only score, it might save a game. If it's a habit, it could win you a playoff game.

6. I can confirm after Sunday that Romo is indeed wearing his sideline cap almost exclusively forward. I can also confirm that in the old "Boxers or briefs?" question, Romo's answer is "Grey Calvin Klein boxer briefs." Don't ask.

5. If the roof wasn't open today, will it ever be? Weather was 66 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. In other words, perfect. Methinks some high-dollar suite owners at some point complained about the sun shining into their not-so-humble abodes. But it's just a hunch. And speaking of the stadium, Jerry says there isn't room to hang the team's five Super Bowl banners. I disagree. I say in the end zones, from the base of the fourth deck of stands. It might obscure that see-through effect of the joint, but from where I sit my view is of the dump where the Rangers lose anyway. I'd rather be reminded of Super Bowl wins than baseball losses.

4. Nick Folk missed seven field goals his first two seasons in the NFL. He's missed five already this year, including a 46-yarder today. I officially do not trust him.

3. Wade Phillips wasn't exactly fiery when he said after the game that "I'm not gonna be mad that we won," but secondary coach Dave Campo was one pissed off mutha at Terence Newman in the first quarter. After Newman half-assed a missed arm tackle on a receiver screen, Campo yelled at him and then jammed his red face into and almost inside Newman's facemask. The two had to be seperated. Bottom line: Newman was aggressive and effective on the remainder of the Redskins' quick passes. Win: Campo.

2. We can heap praise on Romo's clutch performance and we can thank former Cowboy Shaun Suisham for missing two field goals. What we cannot do is overlook the pass deflection by Stephen Bowen. It led to a ball in the air that was ultimately intercepted by Anthony Spencer. Also, hat tip to Spencer for falling down after the catch before he did something stupid like fumbling during a meaninglless, rumbling return.

1. If you thought it was an ugly game, you're right. And if you're figuring that it was the first 7-6 final score in the 50 years of Dallas Cowboys? Correct again.

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