Courtney Clenney
TNA, it's dynamite? From left: Shark Boy, Curry Man and Black Machismo, the latter of whom doesn't wear a mask because he's "too beautiful"

Wrestlemania Infects Local Best Buy

Lucky us, as Unfair Park found itself this afternoon at the Best Buy on LBJ Freeway and Midway Road, where Jay Lethal (also known as "Black Machismo"), Curry Man and Shark Boy were signing stuff for the interested and attracting the attention of the curious. "These are wrestlers?” one shopper wondered. “Like, with what?” Said one Best Buy-er: “TNA.” Which prompted some laughter and more staring. We had more or less the same reaction.

Turns out, the threesome -- not superheros, shame -- were also promoting their appearance at the House of Blues tomorrow night, for which tickets aren't cheap ($30 to $80, how's that possible?). Interesting theatrics, though, beneath the big box's fluorescent lights: Curry Man, who kept bowing to fans trying to shake his hand or and spoke in terribly phony broken Japanenglish, told Unfair Park he’s going to do a “big power dance” tomorrow night. Because “I bring flavor to, uh, TNA, you understand?” Sure, but do you know where the printers are? Great, thanks. --Courtney Clenney

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