Wrong About Roddy

Watching ESPN SportsCenter this morning here in Surprise, Arizona when the Top 10 plays came on.

The Mavericks won again last night, beating the Minnesota Timberwolves for their 12th consecutive victory. Dirk Nowitzki wins his second straight NBA Western Conference Player of the Week Award, then goes out - despite two fouls in the game's first 90 seconds - and pours in another routine 24 points.

Surely ESPN will sneak a peek at the Giant German, right?

In a word, nope.

In two words, Roddy Beaubois.

The French rookie upon whom I dumped on back on draft day last June has not only turned into a player, but a Top 10 Plays-making player.

Wednesday at home against the lowly Nets, the Mavs will tie Cleveland's season-high 13-game winning streak. Jason Kidd looks 26 again. Shawn Marion has a pulse. Coach Rick Carlisle is even camoflauging Dallas' lack of a center - no Erick Dampier or Brendan Haywood again last night - by playing more zone defense.

But it's Beaubois that most amazes me. I didn't think he'd play meaningful minutes this season. Thought GM Donnie Nelson reached too far overseas. Again.

But, don't look now, Beaubois is playing more thanks to Jason Terry's injury. And even starting at shooting guard, last night contributing 11 points, five rebounds and four assists. He is nothing if not active.

He's got 3-point range. A cat-quick first step. A gear no Mav has had since Devin Harris. And did you see last night's hustle/block of the Timberwolves' Johnny Flynn late in the third quarter?

ESPN did.

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