WWJD? Win a Super Bowl with Tony Romo, That's What He'd Do.

Talked with legendary Dallas Cowboys' coach Jimmy Johnson this morning on 105.3 The Fan. The highlights:

*First off, during the interview I admit to having an extreme case of good-ol'-days' goose bumps.

*Secondly, Jimmy - a noted Heineken guzzler - is out at Cowboys Stadium today filming a public service announcement for Crown Royal's "Safe Rides Home" program.

*Jimmy Genius thinks Tony Romo is good enough to win a Super Bowl. "Yes. I think Romo can. I like his flair, his intelligence, the type of football player he is. Just at times he needs to pull back the reins. He needs to protect the ball in the clutch part of the game."

*The second-best coach in franchise history doesn't think - contrary to, um, common sense - JumboJerry needs to be raised. "No, we don't have to raise it. I think the punter was trying to hit it. In a real game that actually counts, punters will angle the ball out of bounds. Not straight up. I don't think it will be as big of an issue as what everybody makes it out to be. We'll just have a do-over."

*Johnson believes, despite Wade Phillips' lame-duck status, that the Cowboys can win in 2009 - even in the post-season. "I think it can work because real winners and real champions perform best under pressure. Without doubt there's pressure this year with the Dallas Cowboys. They have an outstanding football team. I don't know if they'll win it all, but they'll be successful and win in the playoffs."

*For the millionth time, we can all stop holding our breath about Jimmy triumphantly returning to Dallas to resurrect the '90s' dynsasty. "Will I ever come back? No. In the past I've had offers. But I either go all the way or I don't go at all. I love my lifestyle right now with Fox NFL on Sundays and in the off-season I scuba dive and fish in the Florida Keys. I'd never entertain coming back."

*Finally, is there a chance in hell of Jerry Jones ever hiring a proper general manager to help him with football decisions? "No."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.