Yeah, OK. Whatever.

A guy named Rob is looking for a guy named Bugs, who may be in possession of a map, or may have firsthand knowledge, "as to the grave of two Bigfoot" here in Texas. We just got an e-mail from Rob, who says he hosts something called the X Zone Radio and TV show and asked for some help in his quest to find Bigfoot here in Texas. Rob included an open letter to Bugs. In an effort to help Rob, here are some excerpts:

"A few years ago I appeared with you on the Art Bell Show. As a somehow frequent guest of Art's show, he had asked that I listen to your report of your encounter with the 'Bigfoot' that had turned both violent and deadly. You and some friends purportedly had killed both a male and a female Bigfoot. I was asked to render an opinion both as a recognized authority on the subject but also as a fellow veteran familiar with the stress that can follow combat.

According to your story, you and some buddies had been out running a trap line or such and had come upon two of those entities whom I have come to call the Forest Giant People. One of your friends had opened fire for reasons of their own. As a Vietnam vet, you had learned the hard way what bullets can do to flesh. Having wounded one of the Bigfoot and having sympathy for its suffering, you followed the trail into a dense thicket. There you discovered a female tending to her mortally wounded male companion. When she attempted to defend him, you are your friends opened fire, killing them both."

Rob goes on to tell Bugs that he could be charged with second-degree murder for killing the Bigfoot couple, since they are from "the family of Homindae--humans" and all, but assures Bugs that if he can give him the map that leads to their burial site, he will get Bugs a lawyer. Bugs, if you're reading, you can contact Rob through his attorney, Robert Purser. --Jesse Hyde

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