Texas Rangers

You Like the Texas Rangers More than Las Vegas

Witnessed lots of folks outside Rangers Ballpark last night who believe in their baseball team. The Rangers Rally was a warm hug on a chilly night and the theory goes like this:

The present belongs to the San Francisco Giants, but the future belongs to the Texas Rangers. You buyin' it?

For the sake of the argument (I'd put the odds at 75 percent) let's say the Rangers sign Cliff Lee. That would give them one of baseball's best pitchers, best position players (Josh Hamilton), best young shortstops (Elvis Andrus) and best young closers (Neftali Feliz). Colby Lewis ain't a bad starter, Nelson Cruz is prodigious power hitter and in the farm system there's arms like Martin Perez, etc.

Expect - perhaps as soon as this week - the Rangers to announce new contracts for general manager Jon Daniels and manager Ron Washington. Even though yesterday they declined the option on designated hitter Vladimir Guerrero, the foundation seems in place.

Not everyone, however, sees the Rangers' future through rosy red glasses. Namely the wise guys in Las Vegas.

According to online gambling site bodog.com, the Rangers have only the 5th-best chance of representing the American League in next year's Fall Classic.  And...

Odds to win the 2011 World Series

New York Yankees 4/1

Philadelphia Phillies 6/1

Boston Red Sox 10/1

San Francisco Giants 10/1

St. Louis Cardinals 14/1

Tampa Bay Rays 14/1

Minnesota Twins 16/1

Texas Rangers 16/1

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