Your 2009 Dallas Cowboys: More Glitz; Less Guts

Since there's nothing to do today other than stay inside and pray for these glaciers of ice to somehow melt by Spring Break, let's take a look at the Cowboys shall we?

Remember what owner Jerry Jones said immediately after his team's 44-6 season-ending loss in Philadelphia? I do.

"Where do we go from here? Everyone, starting here, with me, goes to the woodshed. Everybody goes to the woodshed. Everyone."

One month later, let's assess some of the Cowboys' different interpretations of "woodshed":

*Jerry Jones' woodshed = John Legend's after party.

*And, oh yeah, and Jerry Jones' woodshed = Michael Irvin's new reality show on Spike TV. The show, which has Jerry's blessing, will conclude with a no-name being given a roster spot at Cowboys' training camp. WTF?

*Wade Phillips' woodshed = Firing Brian Stewart and hiring Dan Reeves. Though they're both so much window dressing, hard to argue with either move.

*Martellus Bennett's woodshed = A music video in which he disparages blacks and gays and the English language and, ultimately, himself. Shame.

*Terrell Owens' woodshed = Going to Las Vegas, hosting a Super Bowl party with GQ magazine and agreeing to a reality show in which he will be followed by VH1's cameras. Remember, nobody works harder than T.O. Right?

*Tony Romo's woodshed = Shacking up with a BBW.

So much for remorse, resolve, repentance and re-dedication. You get the feeling that if Hard Knocks or E:60 or Playboy's Girls Next Door or Geraldo Rivera come a callin', the Cowboys will roll out the red carpet. There remains a prevailing theme that high profile is just as important winning record.

Nothing about this off-season hints of a switch to substance over style. Nothing.

In fact, instead of working toward a sixth ring in the trophy case, the Cowboys have merely erected a fourth ring for their circus.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.