Dallas Cowboys

Your Dallas Cowboys: 50 Great Years. Er, Seasons. WTF?

Okay, I'm confused. No, even more than usual.

I suck at math. I'm the guy who - when trying to figure out how many years it's taken the Texas Rangers to win their one playoff game - has to use fingers, toes and those rudamentary IIII IIII marks.

My abacus tells me that, since the Dallas Cowboys' first season was 1960, this is their 50th season. But, according to the calendar, it's only their 49th year in existence. Right?

Wasn't for sure about all this until I stopped in to Little Caesar's over the weekend. They baked their first pizza in 1959 and are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Cool. I get it.

But I distinctly remember the Cowboys wearing a 25th anniversary patch in 1984 and commemorating their 40th birthday with a similar uniform accessory in 1999. Shouldn't, 10 years later, there be something? Anything?

What the what?

Quarterback Tony Romo not wearing the Captain's "C" is one thing. Cowboys Stadium finally hanging two American flags but still not a Texas flag (where you at, secession fanatics?!) is another.

But why are the Cowboys failing to acknowledge half a hundred? My guess is that owner Jerry "P.T. Barnum" Jones is planning a big marketing splash for 2010, to coincide with Cowboys Stadium hosting Super Bowl XLV.

Until then, Dallas' Only Daily's Top 50 All-Time Cowboys will have to do.

Speaking of, where's Clint Murchison? The guy gave Tom Landry a 10-year contract before he ever had a winning season, much less won a playoff game. And Tony Romo on the list? I tad premature, I fancy.


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