Your Dallas Mavericks Will Hold Off On Selecting New Voice of the AAC For a Month

A Mavs season-ticket-holding Friend of Unfair Park wonders: "Weren't the Dallas Mavericks supposed to announce The New Voice of the American Airlines Center yesterday?" We appreciate the reminder -- because, yes, November 4 was indeed supposed to be The Big Day, after Michael Taylor sat down at the mic for his final audition on October 27 and Sean Heath took his last shot against the Jazz Tuesday night. Alas, you'll have to hold your breath a little while longer: Matt Miller at the Mavs tells Unfair Park this evening, via e-mail, "We decided to give each finalist an additional five games to audition. We'll have a final decision in mid-December. This week we decided to push it back to allow us more time to evaluate each finalist." No pressure or anything.

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Robert Wilonsky
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