Your Stock Market Mavericks

All right, I'm off to a fancy schmancy brunch in Fort Worth this morning - more on that this afternoon - so I gotta make this snappy.

Too bad, because I could spend all day trying to dissect your Dallas Mavericks.

Down. Up. Down. Up. You follow?

Just when you're ready to write them off after an ugly loss at Houston, they right the ship and blow out the Kings at home. Then after you're ready to write them off after a hideous loss at San Antonio - playing without Manu Ginobli and Tim Duncan, mind you - they right the ship and blow out the Bucks at home.

Sandwiched around 76 measly points against the Spurs, the Mavs scored 70 and 65 against the Kings and Bucks - in the first half.

Though the trend is troubling, I sense a run. How?

Even though the Mavs haven't beaten a West playoff team on the road since Christmas in Portland, I smell a four-game winning streak coming off the stinker in San Antonio.

Last night was No. 1. Their next three: Oklahoma City, Toronto and Oklahoma City.

No, the Mavs aren't playing good enough to make noise in the playoffs. But they're playing good enough to at least beat the teams they should beat and stay in the discussion until Jason Terry and Jerry Stackhouse return down the stretch.

At this point, that's all we got.

You guys have hope? Are have we written the Mavs off?

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