You've Seen the Video, Now Own the Song (and Ringtone): Flula Borg's "His Name is Dirk"

While we await some Important Documents, let me distract you with this.

No doubt you recall last week's Greatest Video Ever (as opposed to this week's), in which German musicmaker Flula Borg pays homage to his "most favorite Basketballer from all times," one Dirk Nowitzki. Well, so happens that Borg -- and, yes, resistance is futile -- has posted to his Facebook page a free-for-downloadings version of "His Name Is Dirk (Nowitzki)," which is an abbreviated and altogether reworked version of his December 2009 single "Dirk41," for which I paid 99 cents on iTunes last week, damn it.

You can hear the song below. Or download it


. Borg has also made "His Name is Dirk" available as a ringtone. Just in time for tomorrow night's Game One of the Western Conference Finals -- or Red River Shootout Redux: This Time, It's Professional.


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