A First Look at Kessler Park Eating House

If you stop by the Erdeljac's new Kessler Park Eating House and don't order the pierogis, you're doing it wrong. They're listed on the menu with the other appetizers like there is nothing special about them, but there is. They should be listed in a bold font, maybe five to six points larger than the rest of the menu.

Actually the Erdeljac's should just consider calling their latest restaurant Kessler Park Pierogi Place, if that's not too alliterative. They're that good.

You likely know the duo from their debut restaurant Jonathon's -- the one that smells lightly of waffles, and always has a line snaking out the door. They announced the opening of a second restaurant last year, and have been slowly and softly opening over the last few weeks.

I stopped in recently and ordered the pierogies, and after stopping to contemplate my station in the universe, went on to embrace other items from the menu, which is filled with casual, laid back cooking. There's a roast pork sandwich that approximates the sandwiches you can get in Philadelphia; pasta that's obviously rolled out nearby, and topped with a simple sausage and tomato sauce; french fries and onion rings.

The pepperoni rolls we talked with Jonathon about last year are on the menu, too. Picture a soft, sweet bun filled with thick batons of pepperoni. It's served with a ramekin of tomato sauce for dipping.

Around the dining room, colorful explosions of artwork jump of the walls, and deep purple napkins pop off the black tables and black booths. There's a bar, too, complete with accent lighting, and a view into the kitchen. You can even see Erldeljac and his crew plate up dishes before they're shuttled out to the dining room -- which was relatively empty when I visited, but to be fair, I was there pretty early for dinner that night.

Still, how nice it is to eat at a Erdeljac restaurant without a massive wait, and at a table with plenty of elbow room.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.