At Eye Scream Wasted, Boozy Ice Cream Meets 'Post-Apocalyptic Art Installation'

Say hello to the cereal milk milkshake.
Say hello to the cereal milk milkshake. courtesy Eye Scream Wasted
Getting wasted is likely something you’ve experienced before. And we all remember the infamous "chocolate wasted" line from the movie Grown Ups. But what about getting ice cream wasted? No? Well, meet the grown up who’s responsible for creating a non-dairy, alcohol-infused ice cream, right here in North Texas.

“I thought about putting alcohol and ice cream together many years ago, but I kind of forgot about the idea,” Brigid Calloway says. “I went on to become a chemist, hated it, and I thought back on the idea. I started researching and developing and studying and laid it out on paper. Then I put the formula to the test, and on my second try, I got it.”

From there, Calloway created the brand Ice Cream Wasted. Which eventually expanded to catering, events, even a brick and mortar. But cookie cutter, so to speak, just wasn’t her thing.

click to enlarge Brigid Calloway, creator of Eye Scream Wasted - COURTESY EYE SCREAM WASTED
Brigid Calloway, creator of Eye Scream Wasted
courtesy Eye Scream Wasted
“I’m not a traditional person at all,” Calloway says. “Art is the root of me. My parents are both artists. It’s just natural. So I wanted to merge the two. Art has always been a part of the actual ice cream, because I would decorate it certain ways and dress it up and do clear cones and have fun with it. Which is what I guess attracted people to my product in Dallas.”

Now, she’s making the Ice Cream Wasted vision a lot more visual, with Eye Scream Wasted, an installation mixing art with her signature desserts.

“I wanted to do something on a bigger scale,” Calloway says. “I wanted to have an actual team. It’s nice to have a team of 15 to 20 people, especially after doing everything myself for like four years. I know there are a lot of pop art things that are popping up everywhere, but it seems to be the same. It seems to be catering towards the audience, and when you’re catering towards the audience it’s not really organic. And it’s not really something someone can come in and actually feel. Our team didn’t think about anyone else. We didn’t want to do any typical Halloween stuff. We really wanted to make a post-apocalyptic art installation that said who we are, all year round."

So what can you expect from Eye Scream Wasted? A creepy, deconstructed aesthetic. Color. Lots of color. A diner with retro vibes, clashed with the future. "Death by Chocolate" ice cream, with peanut butter, chocolate and Oreos infused with vanilla Grey Goose. Cereal milk-flavored ice cream, also infused with vanilla Grey Goose. Specialty cocktails by the Tipsy Alchemist. Large scale installations. Hidden rooms. Did we mention color?

“Hopefully everyone will really appreciate it,” Calloway says. “We don’t want them to feel like they’re in Dallas. We want to take them to another world. I want them to experience what I feel through my eyes, and through my art, and through my ice cream.”

Eye Scream Wasted kicks off Oct. 21 through Nov. 24 in the Design District. Tickets are on sale now.

Eye Scream Wasted, 1107 Dragon St. (Design District)
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