The strawberry-banana pop drizzled in chocolate and oatsEXPAND
The strawberry-banana pop drizzled in chocolate and oats
Lauren Drewes Daniels

Chilled to Go: BerryNaked Is Your Go-to Feel-Good Treat

For July and August, we're bringing Chilled to Go, weekly posts on the best things you can get for takeout to beat the heat.

Walking through Legacy Hall in Plano is sort of an assault on the senses. It’s window shopping for the gut. The options are almost overwhelming: lobster French fries, s’more calzones, brisket macaroni and cheese, stacks of waffles and delicately folded crepes. 

You must pace yourself and weigh your options carefully. You might even need to sit down at a bar and have a drink, which you can do there, and plot your route.

It turns out, grabbing an ice pop at BerryNaked is an easy, feel-good choice. The bright colors in the cooler pop. Drizzles of chocolate along with slices of delicate fruit are downright enticing. Plus, on these hot summer days, they’re a light treat; definitely not an indulgence you’re going to regret for hours after. They're healthy, dare we say it.

Healthy treats never looked so good.EXPAND
Healthy treats never looked so good.
Heather Kim

That was the whole concept, after all. When owner Heather Kim was looking for creative ways to incorporate vegetables and fruits into her kids’ diet, she started puréeing them (the foodstuffs, not the kids, we presume). The motive and process would lead to her starting this business.

I ordered a strawberry-banana popsicle drizzled in dark chocolate and sprinkled with oats. Then, on my way out of the hall as I was enjoying my chilled treat, the last third of it fell apart and dropped onto the hot sidewalk. My stomach yelled, "Five-second rule!" But there were people all around, and there's no such thing as that rule these days, so I picked it up with a napkin and painfully tossed it in the trash, while my friend impersonated Eddie Murphy's you-dropped-your-ice-cream bit.

BerryNaked's basic signature popsicles are made with organic fruits and vegetables and include a seasonal menu such as mango, strawberry and raspberry-lemonade. The luxe options are a step up in indulgence and include apricot-coconut, chocolate and coffee. The vitality line is superfood focused with flavors like blackberry-elderflower and blueberry-pomegranate-rose.

BerryNaked is offering delivery for a minimum order of $25 to select ZIP codes, including Uptown, Lakewood and North Dallas. Just hop on their site for the full list.

Their Dallas storefront (5560 W. Lovers Lane at Inwood Village) is also offering curbside delivery: Call ahead to place an order at 214-242-0077.

The Legacy Hall location, 7800 Windrose Ave. in Plano, is open. That location is also on GrubHub and UberEats. 

For the time, BerryNaked's location in Richardson is closed. 

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