Better Burgers Opens at Lemmon and Inwood, Because What This Town Needs is More Burgers

Sam and Kathy Vergos, whose family also owns Original Market Diner on Harry Hines and the Circle Grill on Buckner, have opened a new spot, Better Burgers, at the southwest corner of Lemmon Avenue and Inwood Road.

The menu has the standard sandwiches, like a single, double, chicken, mushroom, BLT and a griddle cheese trio. Toppings include bacon, guacamole, coleslaw and fried eggs.

All the burgers are served on either a pretzel or whole-wheat bun. Six different cheese options include the usual suspects plus a Danish bleu and goat-cheese spread. There are several sauces to adorn your burger, including a garlic aioli mayo and a Dijon honey mustard horseradish.

The Vergos cut and grind their meat daily, so it's never frozen. Same goes for all the fries (Idaho, sweet-potato and purple potato).

There are also six different salads on the menu, including a burger salad, a Greek feast, Southwestern and a chicken Caesar. And they have Idaho purple potatoes that were recently touted by Dr. Oz for their heath benefits.

A burger combo with fries and a drink is $9.20.

They've got some interesting things on the menu that keep it from being just another burger joint, and while those purple fries may look a little crazy (photo below), they're as good, if not better, then a plane ol' Idaho russet. Pinky promise.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.