Bijoux Joins the Classic Menu Trend

So, Bijoux in Inwood Village is doing this "Classics Dinner" series this week through Friday and again on June 17 and 18. The idea, they say, is "to showcase timeless favorites in a five-course meal that pays homage to fond memories of sumptuous adolescent celebrations."

Can't help but wonder if maybe these throwback dinners (which other places around town, including the Pyramid room, are offering too) have something to do with the economy and diners not wanting to spend money on the "unknown." So, these dinners would provide a little security in the "you know what you're getting for your money" department.

We asked chef Scott Gottlich from Bijoux for his thoughts on the matter and here's what he had to say, "We are doing the classics dinner to have fun with the dishes that are reminiscent of our childhood. Too often we as chefs get caught up in the next cutting edge technique or trend in dining and forget about the solid classic combinations that we are featuring. Plus, these dinners are much more enjoyable."

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Guests choose one dish from each course in the menu below; reservations are required; and the cost is $68 per person or $95 with wine pairings. Not too shabby for a five course meal in this town, whatever the reason for this classics trend...

Menu AMUSE BOUCHE Oysters Rockefeller

FIRST French Onion Soup
or Escargots 
 SECOND Stuffed Half Lobster or Lemon Sole

THIRD Beef Wellington or Duck L'Orange.

FOURTH Crème Brûlée; Molten Chocolate Cake
or Gamonzola en Crute.

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