Blame it on the Moon: It's Been a Weird Week in Dallas Dining

Mercury is retrograding so hard right now, you guys. In terms of Dallas dining news, the week started sad and by Friday had snowballed into downright bizarre. Is it moon madness? End-of-year fatigue? Anybody wanna blame it on Obama? Who knows, but somebody needs to go burn some sage in Deep Ellum or something.

Matt's Tex Mex in Roanoke Closes Abruptly, With Lawyers Claiming More Than $70,000 Owed
According to a note on the door of Matt's Tex Mex, which had been completely gutted, owners owed more than $70,000 in back rent. We don't expect this spot to reopen anytime soon, at least not in that location.

After a Drama-Filled Week, On the Lamb Closes For Good
We thought it was weird last weekend when On the Lamb quietly closed, blaming an oven fire. Then the news came out: chef Ross Demers had left the restaurant abruptly after dinner service on Friday. We checked with the Dallas Fire Department, who say there were no service calls to On the Lamb's address, making the fire story even less likely. Then on Friday, On the Lamb officially threw in the towel and claims to be working on a new concept.

Tesar Is Nice on This Season of Top Chef, and It's Kind of Unsettling
Tesar is nice now? I think this may be one of the signs of the apocalypse.

At This Frisco Cafe, You Can Get a Photo of Your Cat Printed Onto Your Latte
This one isn't bad-weird; it's awesome-weird. Get any image you want printed on your latte at Nerdvana in Frisco. Just download the Ripples app, upload any image that you’d like and designate it to the Nerdvana location. The barista makes the drink as usual, spoons a layer of white foam over the top of the drink and then places the cup into the Ripples machine, where the image is printed into the foam with a fine coffee powder.

Tired of the Sombrero Cliche, a Former Telenovela Star Opens a Lucha Libre Taqueria in Oak Cliff
In another case of news that's awesome-weird, a former Miami telenovela star moved to Dallas an opened a lucha libre-themed taqueria in Oak Cliff. We couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.