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We Try Emporium Pie's Homage to the Bishop Arts District, the Bonnie and Pie'd

Dallas, meet the Bonnie and Pie'd.
Dallas, meet the Bonnie and Pie'd. Lauren Drewes Daniels
Yes, this is what we do for this city and paper. We eat pie. Lots of it.

Recently we caught a whiff of a new creation at Emporium Pies. First, for a little back story: After a decade of pushing pies, original owners Megan Wilkes and Mary Sparks were ready for other adventures. So late last year this Dallas-born and-raised pie company was sold to local longtime customers, Landon and Charlie Purdue, along with Jen Abohosh.

The new owners are intent on preserving "the culture of warmth and magic that extends beyond the walls of the shop."

Nevertheless, they had an idea. And we'll say it was a good one. They wanted to create a new pie that paid homage to the pie shop's neighborhood: the Bishop Arts District. So they assembled a recipe highlighting products from the community, including espresso from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters and milk chocolate from 5 Mile Chocolate. Emporium provided a toffee caramel sauce and vanilla whipped cream in a graham cracker crust.

Then, they opened the phone lines for suggestions on what to call this new pie. From Feb. 8 through March 17, they took name suggestions.

Megan Halila Gray came up with the winner: Bonnie and Pie'd, an shoutout to the famous gunslinging duo who had lots of ties to Dallas. Bonnie Elizabeth Parker lived in Dallas in her teens, and she first met Clyde Chestnut Barrow in West Dallas. During their many crime sprees, they'd pop into town to visit family and usually flee town with cops in pursuit.

Our $9 slice of Bonnie and Pie'd was pretty good, although it would have been better had the bottom layer of toffee caramel sauce not been frozen. But, guess you get what you pay for, right? We could have sat patiently for 15 minutes, lasered beamed it with our eyeballs, and allowed it to chill. But, who just looks at pie? We ate up and left.

The coffee flavor in the pie is just two steps behind the rich milk chocolate, so definitely not a "coffee" pie. The crunchy graham cracker crust has that touch of salt and holds it all together well. Tasted great, would definitely be better not frozen.

We'll definitely be back for more, probably just get it to go so it can chill on the way home. (But everyone knows it'll be gone at the first traffic signal. Who can just sit at a stoplight with pie?) 
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Lauren Drewes Daniels is the Dallas Observer's food editor. She started writing about local restaurants, chefs, beer and kouign-amanns in 2011. She's driven through two dirt devils and is certain they were both some type of cosmic force.

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