Café des Artistes in One Arts Plaza Is Closing, because It's in One Arts Plaza

Oh, One Arts Plaza. You're so circular, yet so haphazard.

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Today Lombardi Family Concepts announced that they're closing Café des Artistes at the ever-fickle One Arts Plaza. Specifically, the press release reads: "Although the restaurant saw acceptable business, Alberto Lombardi, president of Lombardi Concepts, has decided on a new strategic direction for his company."

John Tesar's burger joint The Commissary and Screen Door previously shuttered in the horseshoe of restaurant spaces, which is bumping before shows in the Arts District and otherwise feels like a ghost town, assuming ghosts have excellent taste in sushi and ramen.

The press release explains that Lombardi and friends will continue to focus and grow two other restaurants in their portfolio: Taverna and Toulouse. Plans are already underway to expand both with new locations in Fort Worth, Austin and Southlake.

"Mr. Lombardi intends to maximize the dual-restaurant synergy that has been created on Knox Street in Dallas where both concepts are next door to each other."

The final dinner for Café des Artistes at One Arts Plaza is tomorrow evening, December 28.

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