CiCi's Is America's Favorite Pizza Chain For People Who Like Bad Pizza

Cici's Pizza grease buffet is an American favorite, according to Nation's Restaurant News. The article cites a study conducted by Market Force, a consumer research company based in Colorado.

Other American favorites covered in the survey include Papa John's, Papa Murphy's and Take 'N' Bake Pizza.

If you're wondering how a small, local chain beat out the likes of Domino's and Pizza Hut, they didn't, technically. The survey was adjusted to discount chains with larger numbers of restaurants and level the playing field.

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While Cici's is based in Coppell, they haven't received much love on City of Ate, either. A recent free pizza promotion prompted Lauren to put together a list of lunch buffets that are not Cici's. She somehow neglected Mughlai's.

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