Dallas' 10 Biggest Restaurant Openings of 2013

The Dallas dining scene famously is chaotic and hydra-like. Every week sees news of restaurants failing, but for every one that closes it seems two more spring up to take its place. In honor of new beginnings, we've put together a list of the 10 most noteworthy restaurants that opened in 2013.

Kitchen LTO The "limited time offer" kitchen is unique among all the other restaurants that opened this year. Kitchen LTO (snapper pictured above) opened this summer after a reality showy vetting process that pitted chef/designer teams against each other to see which pair would get to run the restaurant for its first four months. The idea is to be a perennial pop-up, with a chef and designer chosen three times a year by the Dallas public. The first iteration of Kitchen LTO features chef Norman Grimm, and the wheels are already turning to see who will take over after him.

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Luke Darby
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