Who's ready to VOTE? (And drink?)
Who's ready to VOTE? (And drink?)
Alison McLean

Just In Time for the Midterms, Ballots & Booze Is Back

We probably don't have to remind you that early voting for the midterm elections starts Oct. 22 — we're pretty sure anyone with eyes and ears is aware of this contentious Texas election. But if you're still not sure who you're voting for — or don't know what, other than Cruz and Beto, is on the ballot — the Ballots & Booze happy hour is for you.

This civic-minded event is free, non-partisan and works like this: Once you arrive at Mac's Southside on Sunday night, you'll get a precinct-specific sample ballot and will have the opportunity to check out voter guides, endorsement lists and chat with other drinkers who are, well, a little more informed than you. You'll get info on every race on the ballot and will leave with a buzz and a completed sample ballot to take with you when you vote.

If you've ever walked into a voting booth and realized that you're clueless about most of what's on the ballot, this event is for you. Plus, you know. Booze.

If you haven't registered to vote yet, well, you're out of luck for this election, but early voting begins Oct. 22 and election day is Nov. 6.

Ballots & Booze, 6-9 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 21 at Mac's Southside, 1701 S. Lamar St. (The Cedars)

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