Chicken and mushroom meatball grinder at Dish
Chicken and mushroom meatball grinder at Dish
Kevin Marple

Dish Is Taking its Brunch to North Dallas, but Leaving the Drag Queens Behind

Dish has been serving as a Jack-of-all-trades restaurant on Cedar Springs Road in Oak Lawn since it opened in 2011. After work, the cocktail set comes in to throw back high octane drinks and obliterate bad memories from the workday. Some of them stay for dinner, one of the better served in the neighborhood, and later in the evening, Dish might as well be spelled Club.

The restaurant also does a brunch service that has gained a reputation of a different sort. Anchored by a team of singing, dancing, raunchy-joke-telling drag queens, the drag brunch is one of a kind here in Dallas. It's a lot of fun if you don't have your 7-year-old sister in tow.

But there will likely not be any drag brunch service at the second Dish, which is scheduled to open tomorrow in Preston Hollow. Owner Tim McEneny has made clear two things: That there would be many more Dishes to come, and that each would have its own personality, custom tailored to the supporting neighborhood.

This second dish sounds like a more relaxed spot, and promises to be everything for almost everyone, from business folk to the family-minded. There will be brunch, but there will likely not be cross-dressing, ballad-singing entertainers. Unless of course enough North Dallas moms, weary from child-lugging, request such a thing, which could likely only happen if someone puts enough Ketamine in the mimosas. Stay tuned.

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