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Dolly Llama to Bring Hong Kong-style Bubble Waffles and Ice Cream to Dallas

The Dolly Llama Waffle Master will open by the end of May.
The Dolly Llama Waffle Master will open by the end of May. Dolly Llama
There's been a flurry of ice cream shops opening recently. If anyone tells you the country is going in the wrong direction, be sure to bring that up.

California-based The Dolly Llama Waffle Master has announced they're sending their artisanal treats to Texas, with one unit under construction at 2817 Howell St. in Uptown that is expected to open in May. They have plans for another 25 locations in five other states. 

The three original Los Angeles locations have become Instagram and tourist destinations because of their highly photogenic aesthetics and over-the-top ice cream gluttony. Part of the allure are their cones, a unique take on a popular street food in Hong Kong, bubble waffles. At Dolly Llama, they've made a batter that produces a unique crispy and custard-like texture that looks like edible bubble wrap; or perhaps is edible bubble wrap. It's cooked like a waffle, then formed into a cone. See how it's made in the Instagram clip below.
They also have an OG Liege Waffle, which is a traditional square Belgian waffle that is served flat with scoops of ice cream and whatever accouterments you need on top. You can buy a whole box of these waffles, with toppings and ice cream on the side. In Los Angeles, they have a delivery through third-party services. Imagine a box of waffles and containers of ice cream without having to leave the couch.
Whether you go for the Hong Kong-inspired bubble cone or flat OG Liege, there's a whole party of flavors, sauces and whipped cream to go with, in addition to ice cream. Signature waffle combinations include Dolly's Dream, Sugar N' Spice, Llama Gone Nuts and Party Animal (made with those little pink and white iced animal cookies).

There are 11 ice cream flavors — plus four vegan options — nine different sauces (Nutella, caramel, chocolate, etc.) and about two dozen toppings. Then there are also shakes because who has the energy two fit all that in their mouth with a spoon. Nonsense. Slurping is much easier. Point this out also if people say we're headed for disaster.

And as for the mascot: There is an actual llama named Dolly who lives on a farm in the South of France. The creators of this concept met her once and decided she must be the face and name of their brand. Evidently, llamas have great energy.

When the Dolly Llama is opened, we'll be sure to follow up. 
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