Eno's Pizza Tavern: Take a Flight to a Great Date Spot

Interested in trying a cozy pizza place with great date ambiance? Take a drive across the viaduct, or walk down to the Bishop Arts District if you live in Oak Cliff, and eat at Eno's Pizza Tavern

My date and I went to Eno's on a Thursday night without a reservation. The hostess told us we'd be waiting a while for a table downstairs in the main restaurant. Then she gave us the option to eat upstairs, but didn't make it seem like a good one.

After climbing the dark and steep stairs, we immediately decided that the upstairs space was a wonderful option. In contrast to the bright downstairs seating area, Eno's keeps upstairs softly lit and reservation free. The dark wood floors, brick walls and the less formal atmosphere make the restaurant feel homey and truly inviting. It's the perfect place to go on a date. You can choose to sit at the bar, a table looking down to North Bishop Avenue, a high-top table in the middle of everything or, if you're with a large group, the staff will put together a long table for you and all your friends. My date and I chose a table closer to the windows and away from the bar.

Eno's upstairs was just loud enough to make my date and I have to lean in close to hear each other. Huddled together, we chose to share a Harvest Pear Salad and an iPie with mushrooms, sausage and charred green onions. The salad and food came fast, almost right on top of each other. But we took our time drinking our wine, eating and enjoying our surroundings.

During that time the restaurant filled up with two large parties that consumed our server's attention. When my date asked for coffee to go with our dessert, the waiter seemed stressed and declared he had to take care of the bigger parties first and then he'd have to get the coffee from downstairs. My date however, needed coffee, so much so that he stomped down the stairs to request it. And whatdaya know, a mug of cold coffee arrived at our table. Some may think he deserved that, some may not. Either way the coffee incident turned out to be the only hiccup of our date night. So let's forget about it and move on to the sweet ending.

Who knew a pizza place would have such great desserts? We opted for Eno's Sundae Sack. The huge portion of ice cream with marshmallow cream, strawberries, hot fudge, graham cracker and whipped cream came surrounded by a tempered chocolate shell in the shape of a brown paper lunch bag. Darling as it looked, we still hacked into the sack's chocolate armor -- yes, we had to hack -- and adored each bite of our sweet treat.

After ransacking the Sundae Sack our night ended on a sugar high. However, our server lifted our spirits even more when he brought out a fresh, hot cup of coffee right before we made our getaway.

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Monica Berry