We Try the Fletcher’s Corn Dog from Golden Chick’s Drive-Thru

Fifteen dollars' worth of corn dog
Fifteen dollars' worth of corn dog Taylor Adams
I’m stealing the fast-food beat from Observer contributor TC Fleming. And I’m breaking my personl stay-out-of-drive-thru rule.

I’m breaking those rules because there’s an opportunity to get a proper corn dog any day of the week. It’s $5 at Golden Chick locations, and considering I don’t have to go to the State Fair of Texas to get it, that's a fair price.

As we mentioned earlier this week, Fletcher’s Original Corny Dogs is collaborating with Golden Chick through Oct. 25, so those of us who prefer to stay away from Fair Park during fair time can enjoy the fried goods easily. And it turns out this food tastes just as good at a Golden Chick in Oak Cliff as it does at the annual fair in South Dallas.

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Golden Chick pictures the Fletcher's corn dog with mustard. Just saying.
Taylor Adams
Your solo corn dog for $5 is served with your choice of mustard or ketchup — seems like an opportunity to get a good poll on which condiment is more popular. (The correct answer is mustard.)

If $5 for one stick of food seems steep, consider that this year’s limited "drive-thru" fair, you’re paying a minimum of $65 (that price includes corn dogs, plenty of other food and a photo).

The combo gets you a choice of a side and a whole lot of fluid in a 30-ounce drink ($7.99). The fries are fine, you know, for fast-food fries — crisp on the outside, overly fluffy on the interior, and they hold up on the drive home.

The corn dog is the best version of the stick food you can get (outside of upping the meat to something great, like the Moth’s 44 Farms corn dog). That’s not surprising because it’s Fletcher’s. The fried dough has bits of salt on the exterior and a gentle crunch as you bite into it for a perfect balance of salt, protein and fat.

One has to wonder how Golden Chick lured the ultimate corn dog brand; maybe it had just the right fry method, maybe it had the right number of locations or maybe someone high up in Fletcher’s really loves their fried chicken.

Truth is, Golden Chick reached out to Fletcher's, says co-owner Aaron Fletcher.

“Golden Chick has been at the fair also, so they were very much aware of the fair not happening. I think they’ve seen the impact of the fair not happening,” he says. “It kind of made sense to put the two of these Texas businesses together.”

Training was important: Fletcher's staff met with Golden Chick's team to train the process for handling their mix recipe and the Fletcher's sausage. Even the number of dips into the batter can make a difference.

On our visit, it was clear they're getting that number just right.

Fletcher’s corn dogs are available at 187 Golden Chick locations in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.
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