Here Are the Best Team-Specific Bars in Dallas to Watch Football

The NFL season officially kicks off tonight and because football is like a bowl of queso, bringing together huddled masses, we've pulled together a list of restaurants and bars around the Dallas area where fans of all shapes, sizes and colors conglomerate (or coagulate if you like the queso analogy). If we've missed any, feel free to let others know in the comments.

TNT Sports Bar and Grill (14902 Preston Road) plays hosts to both Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears fans. TNT has various drink and food specials throughout the week, plus a jukebox for a democratically selected range of background noise.

Broncos fans often meet-up at Sharky's (17453 Preston Road) and will be there tonight at 7 p.m. for the "Broncos vs Ravens Revenge Game," booting out Thursday night karaoke (don't worry crooners, there's always the Windmill).

New Orleans Saints fans regularly meet at Plucker's in Grapevine (1709 Cross Roads Drive), where the games are shown on the 60-inch plasmas with sound. (Sound is key. These groups always promise to bring fans, if the managers promise sound.)

The Hideaway is a cool little (mostly) neighborhood bar, except for when the Redskins are playing, whereupon people from all neighborhoods descend on the bar. The Original Burgundy and Gold Washington Fan Club of Dallas is the official name and they plan to meet every week of the season.

49ers fans are crazy. I'll go on record with that. If you're up for it, 49ers fans conglomerate at Addison Point (4578 Belt Line Road) and plan to be there this Sunday for the season opener against the Packers.

Or if you'll be wearing green for that game, head down the street to Vernon's (5290 Belt Line Road). Reviews indicate they've recently remodeled the place and dusted off the menu as well. They call themselves "one of the biggest Packers fan hangouts in Texas."

Patriots fans will congress, appropriately enough, at Buffalo Joe's (3636 Frankford Road), which is their regular meeting spot, for the opener against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday.

Seahawks fans will flock to McFadden's (4050 Beltline Road) at noon on Sunday. But the bar itself also caters to Cowboys fans. Tonight (Thursday) they're giving away some Cowboys tickets and will have a free wing buffet at halftime. Sunday is $10 bottomless mimosas and bloody marys from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The local Giants fan club, aka The Big Blue Wreckin' Crew, meets at Draft Picks (703 McKinney Ave.), when the Giants aren't in town -- in which case they're meeting in an AT&T parking lot.

And this might serve more as a warning, but Philadelphia Sixers, Eagles, Flyers and Phillies phans all meet at the Fox and Hound in Lewisville (1640 Stemmons Freeway) on a regular basis. The Fox just updated its menu and, on a random yet interesting note, for the month of September they'll have a stein hoisting competition every day at 8 p.m. Each daily winner will come back for a championship round on October 3. Muscle up, boys and girls.

There don't seem to be any Lions meet-ups or bars, but there are a lot of Lions Clubs in the metroplex, so certainly that's an option for all of you Detroit natives.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.