A Look Inside the ‘Stupid Good’ Coffee Shop Hidden Inside a Downtown Dallas Skybridge

This sweet little space is tucked away in a downtown Dallas skybridge, serving up stellar coffee for downtown office workers.
This sweet little space is tucked away in a downtown Dallas skybridge, serving up stellar coffee for downtown office workers. Taylor Danser
Four years ago, brothers Daniel and Corey Harmon opened up Stupid Good Coffee. While the name might seem a little less than creative, it turns out “Stupid Good Coffee” isn’t such a stupid name after all.

“It’s the model that we live by; we want it to be stupid good coffee,” says Victoria Doan, who took over ownership of the coffee shop in 2016 with her brother Covington Doan.

Stupid Good doesn’t feature its own roast of coffee or do anything extraneous with the coffee shop concept, though you can get Taco Deli tacos there. They brew Oak Cliff’s coffee — appreciating the balance of the Hidden City espresso — for their own drinks.

But they do have a nearly hard-to-find location in one of the sky bridges of downtown, on the second level right above Elm Street and Pacific Avenue. There are floor-to-ceiling windows in the small seating area, with some impressive work, including a portrait of Mick Jagger, by local artist Steve Hunter.

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Off-menu items like the Rolling Stones latte have proven popular with Stupid Good Coffee’s core group of regulars.
Taylor Danser
“He does these portraits that are amazing — the facials, people always talk about how they look like they’re looking at you; so we had him do the Rolling Stones because the latte is so popular,” Victoria says.

That’s an off-the-menu item, flavored with a subtle blend of white and brown sugar for a latte that complements the espresso rather than overpowering it. The menu on the wall does feature traditional items; it’s the off-menu drinks like the Rolling Stones latte that become popular with the downtown office workers who frequent the out-of-the-way cafe.

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Covington and Victoria Doan, owners of Stupid Good Coffee.
Taylor Danser
While many find it hard to locate from the street, people walking to work make it a regular routine. With such a specific customer base, these two siblings really know their regulars, especially as they are the only two people on staff.

“We really like serving the customers and talking to people. To have a larger staff, it would put us further away from that,” Covington says. “Their stories and what they’re going through, we feel a part of it, so it’s not just serving coffee to them, it’s seeing a familiar face and continuing a conversation.”

Victoria, 30, and Covington, 32, grew up in Oak Cliff, where they still live, and attended Bishop Dunne Catholic School. Before taking over the shop from the Harmon brothers, Victoria worked there for two years, falling in love with the business, and Covington was a web developer. When Daniel Harmon was looking to move on, he quickly turned to Victoria, she says.

“Having a coffee shop finally became a reality,” she says. And there wasn’t much about the Stupid Good model they wanted to change.

“People who come back who were first-time visitors, the name kind of attracted them, but when they’re done, they’re like, ‘It was stupid good,’” she says. “That for me is the greatest feeling.”

Stupid Good Coffee, 1910 Pacific Ave., Suite 2060
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