KRLD Restaurant Week: Curious Omissions

Now that the 2010 KRLD Restaurant Week list of participating establishments has been officially released, reservations and plans are busily being made all over Dallas. This year's list includes a staggering 130 participants, and it seems that there are fewer places not choosing to participate than in year's past. This is good news for the hungry diners and the worthy charities they support.

Yet, in reading the 2010 list, you might notice a few names conspicuously absent. Places like Artin's Grill, Café Istanbul, The French Room, Go Fish, Mignon, Neighborhood Services, Si Tapas and Zea Woodfire Grill come to mind right away. It's understandable why some of these places, like Neighborhood Services which has a no-reservations policy, would not want to take part, and you can't blame any restaurant that chooses to carry on its August business as usual. Restaurant Week can be an incredibly stressful time for owners and staff alike, and many venues may not feel the resulting chaos is worth the trouble.

Yet, the question persists. If you could dine at one restaurant in DFW which has chosen not to participate, which would it be?

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