Lasso Cookies from Local Baker, Lemma's Bakeshop, are Spot On

Lasso Cookies from Local Baker, Lemma's Bakeshop, are Spot On
Lauren Drewes Daniels
A couple of weeks ago Central Track reported about a local baker who is making Ted Lasso cookies, or “biscuits” as they’re called across the pond. In the Apple TV+ series, an American football coach, Ted Lasso played by Jason Sudeikis, is hired to coach an English soccer team.

Set up to fail from the get-go, fresh off the farm and a duck out of water (and other assorted cliches) in his new surroundings, Lasso's infallible sense of optimism and humor sees him through. If you're able to bench your cynicism for a bit, it's a refreshing show.

In Season 1, as a way to break down walls set by his new boss and owner of the team, Rebecca, played by Hannah Waddingham, Lasso makes cookies/biscuits. He delivers her a box of freshly made treats in the mornings and calls the time “biscuits with the boss."

Rebecca has her assistant search high and low for the bakery where they're made to avoid interacting with him, but none match Lasso’s. (He bakes them at home. Probably adds a pinch of wholesome goodness, which is why they're so good.) Her hard veneer slowly melts with each bite.
click to enlarge The Lasso biscuits are similar to Southern tea cakes. - LAUREN DREWES DANIELS
The Lasso biscuits are similar to Southern tea cakes.
Lauren Drewes Daniels
Local baker Cathy McEachern of Lemma’s Bake Shop cleverly seized the opportunity to bake Lasso cookies, which are similar to Southern tea cakes. They come in a box of two, wrapped in delicate tissues just like on the show and have a Lasso-esque quote. Like “Be a goldfish,” referring to a scene in the first episode in which Lasso explains to a young player that a goldfish is the happiest animal in the world because it had a 10-second memory. Be a goldfish and move on. Let it go.

In real life, Waddingham said eating the biscuits used on the show is like "eating a bit of dried-out sponge that’s been left in your bathroom in a tiny pink box,” according to The Wrap.

McEachern's version shows that truth is both stranger than fiction and tastes way better. Her bars are stop-you-midbite-and-swear good. Episodes from Season 2 are currently released each Friday and, so far, these biscuits taste great with each episode.

Lemma’s Bakeshop sets up at the St. Michael’s Farmers Market (8011 Douglas Ave.) on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to noon. You can also place an online order and arrange a pick-up at Westminster Presbyterian Church (8200 Devonshire) or White Rock Coffee at 5930 Royal Lane.
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