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Hey, Micah Parsons, Here's Where To Get the Best Oxtail Around Dallas

Oxtail from Elaine's Kitchen.
Oxtail from Elaine's Kitchen. EMayne
In early January, Dallas Cowboy running back Ezekiel Elliott asked on Twitter where one could find good bean pie locally. We gave him some tips.

Now we’d like to help another Dallas Cowboy, this time outside linebacker Micah Parsons. Over the weekend, Parsons asked the Twitterverse where has the best oxtail in Texas. (We’re going to stick to local places.)
Oxtail was once considered an undesirable cut, something to be tossed aside with the scraps. Now? The days of oxtail being a second-rate cut are long gone. Because of increased popularity, $10 a pound is currently the floor for oxtails. We’ve also seen an emergence of oxtail dishes on menus in high-end kitchens.

Raw, oxtail is a rigid, stubborn piece of beef. But after being slowly braised or stewed, it's transformed into something delectable. Pick up a piece of oxtail from a pot that has been simmering for hours, and the meat will slide right off the bone. Deeply rich and absurdly tender, beef oxtail is reminiscent of braised short ribs.

Here are some suggestions for Parsons (and you) on where to score some fall-off-the-bone oxtail around Dallas.

Elaine’s Kitchen

2717 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Elaine's Kitchen, just south of downtown in Fair Park, offers all the Jamaican classics: jerk chicken, goat curry, beef patties, ackee and salt fish. The oxtail over rice is renowned at Elaine’s and will set you back $19.49 for a medium order and $21.65 for a large.

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Oxtail and Rude Boy jerk chicken at Jamaica Gates.
Brittney Ogans

Jamaica Gates

1020 W. Arkansas Lane, Arlington
Once featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, Arlington’s Jamaica Gates is a longtime local Caribbean stalwart. We visited in October and had a lively time. The oxtails at Jamaica Gates ($19.92) are simmered for hours with butter beans and come with a couple of sides.

Jamaican Cook Shop

2033 Military Parkway, No. 104A, Mesquite
Jamaican Cook Shop is a small, unassuming spot that serves authentic Jamaican fare. Oxtail comes with rice and peas (or plain rice if you’d prefer). A small order will run you $17, and for just two bucks more, you can level up to a large. We suggest the latter.


5300 E. Mockingbird Lane
Knife is a top-tier steakhouse in Dallas. Chef John Tesar's other restaurant, Knife and Spoon in Florida, received a Michelin star last year. You won’t find traditional oxtail at Knife, but you will find an amazing oxtail ravioli ($24) with Parmesan Monte and aged balsamic.

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Meridian serves up braised oxtail pappardelle with berbere spice, smoked ricotta and creme fraiche.
Lauren Drewes Daniels


5650 Village Glen Drive
We recently got a taste of Meridian's new four-course prix fixe menu, which included a stellar braised oxtail pappardelle. Tender bites of oxtail paired with a touch of creme fraiche, wrapped around pappardelle was one of the best bites of the night. Chef Junior Borges, whose recipes are influenced by his native Brazil, was recently named a semifinalist for a James Beard best chef award.

Roland’s Jamaican Chicken

4070 N. Belt Line Road, No. 162, Irving
Roland’s doesn’t have a particularly deep menu, but what it does have, it does well. Among the offerings are whole jerk chickens, wings and a handful of Caribbean favorites. The oxtail at Roland’s is $24 and comes with two sides of your choice. Go for the candied yams and collard greens.

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South Dallas Cafe has been serving soul food for more than two decades.

South Dallas Cafe

7035 Marvin D. Love Freeway
The Price family has been serving Southern comfort food from South Dallas Cafe for nearly 25 years. They serve oxtails along with a long list of mains every day except Thursday. Get a plate with mac and cheese, mashed potatoes or okra gumbo. There is a small upcharge for oxtail. 
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