Now Open: Seafood Grill Lazaranda in Addison Walk

Lazaranda had its soft opening Tuesday in the Addison Walk complex at Beltline and the Tollway. It's a beautiful spot with a large dining room, patio, outdoor and indoor bar, and a lively vibe.

The extensive menu is full of fish, shrimp, ceviches, tostados, tacos, enchiladas and soups, all with alluring details, which makes choosing difficult. Like the Tropical Seafood Ceviche Tostada: "Marinated shrimp and tilapia, tomato, spices, red onion, pineapple and mango with a touch of ginger, cilantro and sliced avocado."

Fortunately they encourage an a la carte style. "One of these, this and a little of that will do."

The interior of Lazaranda is strewn with bold colors. The owners hired architect Ramiro Villanueva from Mexico to finish the space in warm wood planks and stone walls. They also brought in artist Martin Molinaro from Argentina to create custom pieces throughout the restaurant, including a giant fish made with real la zarandas, which are wire cages used to cook fish over open fires.

Owner Mario Letayf took the scenic route into the restaurant business, and although this is his first place locally, he owns several others. It all began after he graduated from college with a mechanical engineering degree. Before settling down in a job, he traveled through Europe for half a year and spent a lot of that time in Paris eating crepes. When he returned to his hometown of Monterrey, Mexico, he opened a crepe restaurant.

Letayf and his business partner, Antonio Marquez, now have six different restaurants in Monterrey.

Lazaranda only has one crepe dish on the menu, but there's always room for growth. That's why he moved his entire family here this past January. He sees lots of opportunities in the Dallas market.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.