Short Orders: Joan Of Arc Creperie And Cafe

Joan of Arc
4020 N. MacArthur, Irving

Oh, god.

The place isn't really lousy, as Rossetti's Joan would have you think. But first they were out of bacon, which kinda put a dent in my BLTA (the A for avocado) plans. Then, when the person sent to replenish their bacon stock returned, it was with a package of frozen, pre-cooked strips.

Inexcusable--especially when you own a frying pan and charge in the $8 range for sandwiches.

Ah, but this is a creperie, as well as cafe. Joan of Arc was just about the last French leader ever to defeat a foreign army--for this reason she was burned at the stake on suspicion of being English, if I remember history correctly--and...um, where was I? Oh, yeah--Joan was French, so therefore the little kitchen probably does a better job with crepes, right?

Well, unfortunately...

Their crepes are prepared in amateurish fashion by very friendly teenage (assuming) cashiers/cooks. They turn out pale, artlessly folded and characterless pancakes matched to ingredients as impressive as those used in the sandwiches. So I'll make this quick.

Lunch crowds in Las Colinas are not generally looking for a spectacular, I'm gonna talk about this all afternoon kind of meal. Such a place would just piss off all those vice presidents in charge of double-checking to make certain phone call quotas are met. So, with that in mind, Joan of Arc is a little Las Colinas storefront that--if you really don't care about top notch quality or if you just want a break from equally listless burgers or tacos--will easily satisfy a hunger craving.

And it's just unknown enough so you can grab a seat with some co-worker and bitch about said VPs without fear of being overheard.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.