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Oak Cliff’s Small Brewpub Will Close Dec. 7

Small Brewpub is closing in North Oak Cliff.
Small Brewpub is closing in North Oak Cliff. Kathy Tran
Not 10 minutes after learning one restaurant in Dallas was closing (more on that tomorrow), I turned around and found out another spot is shutting down, and it's one many of us at the Observer love — Small Brewpub.

This Oak Cliff spot was one where our food writers would congregate, mostly led by former food editor and Small lover Beth Rankin, who introduced me to it. I’ve also been there for political events and for my absolute favorite bloody mary

Now there's a banner on Small's website that reads, “Thank you for five great years.”

And a great five years it was, too. This is where many of us fell for Misti Norris’ creations back in the day.

Two years ago, after her departure, Small switched gears with a more straightforward menu, still offering a rather superb burger.

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Chicken feet, part of what made Small land on our most interesting restaurant list (No. 22) in 2015.
Kathy Tran
Next Tuesday, Nov. 26, they will tap their final anniversary release, Ultimo. You can enjoy that until Small's last day, which will surely include a big party Dec. 7. And right now, it's also pulling out past anniversary beers.

I’m not the only one bummed. And I can’t be the only one looking at this and thinking about the evolution of North Oak Cliff. This isn’t Bishop Arts we’re talking about, it’s Jefferson Boulevard. Now all we can hope for is that a sincere business that's for the community goes in this same spot.

"It's a long story on why but mainly it was because of the fact that the lease was up and after careful evaluation we felt as though it was a good time to wrap things up," head brewer Aaron Garcia told us Thursday. "All of us founders all doing different things, mostly just focusing on our families ... We're all still friends and neighbors and will be working behind the bar a lot in the final days, up till the final shindig on Dec. 7."

Garcia, personally, is working on something new, but it's in development for a while longer, he says. We'll keep you posted on that.

Here’s the full statement on Small Brewpub's site:

Five years ago a group of friends here in Oak Cliff put together an ambitious plan to create a novel spin on the neighborhood brewpub concept.

They called it Small.

As always, saying goodbye is never easy. Our lease is up here on Jefferson Boulevard and we've decided to not renew.

Those of you who have worked with us in the many roles and responsibilities employed in a full-service restaurant, cocktail bar, and brewery, thank you. We wish we could have supported you better and paid you more.

To our loyal patrons over the years, thank you. We wish we could keep serving you Black Pepper Pils, New Hats, and Beef Belly Buns forever.

As individuals, we’re honored to continue to be a part of this community we love. We hope that our small amount of hospitality will have a lasting impact and serve as an example for the good things that are to come.

Now for the practicals.

Our last day of service will be December 7th, which also happens to be our 5th anniversary, and also happens to be Pearl Harbor day (which as far as we know is not connected in any way).

Starting Today 11/20, we will be pulling our past years anniversary beers from the cellar. Specifically our Mish Mish (our 3rd from 2017) and Byzantium (our 4th from 2018).

On the next Tuesday 11/26 we will tap our final 5th anniversary release, Ultimo.

Ultimo is a 11% ABV strong ale fermented with a fun type of Norwegian kveik yeast brimming with stone fruit character, conditioned on Madagascar and Mexican vanilla beans as well as a touch of nutmeg.

We'll release more details for the big party we're throwing on the 7th as the day gets closer. Please stay tuned on our Instagram for those specifics.

Small Brewpub, 333 W. Jefferson Blvd. (North Oak Cliff). Open 3 p.m. to midnight Tuesday through Friday, 11 a.m. to midnight Saturday; closed Sunday and Monday. Last day of service is Dec. 7.
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Taylor Adams has written about the restaurant industry for the Dallas Observer since 2016. She attended Southern Methodist University before covering local news at The Dallas Morning News.