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Spinster Records’ Next Tune, Ladylove, will Bring Late Night Bites to Bishop Arts

Kate Siamro and David Grover are launching Ladylove.
Kate Siamro and David Grover are launching Ladylove. Kate Siamro
The upcoming new year is looking bright. Recently Spinster Records owners David Grover and Kate Siamro announced their latest concept, Ladylove, a restaurant and lounge bar.

Ladylove will be a “lounge & sound” space anticipated to open in spring 2023 just a block over from Spinster Records in Bishop Arts. It will take up residence in the former Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. building at 310 W. Seventh St.

“Ladylove lounge and sound is going to be where the cool kids go that you don't have to be cool,” Grover says. “We're gonna be cool and accessible for everybody.”

The lounge takes inspiration from listening lounges like Japanese jazz kissas, which are intimate rooms where audiophiles listen to records on a high-quality sound system. The rooms are silent, aside from the music.

“We're not quite going to do that, because I don't think we could be silent, but we want to take that concept and kind of expand it a little bit,” Grover says.
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The space that formerly housed Dallas Grilled Cheese Co.
Kate Siamro
Ladylove will be equipped with a high-quality sound system and plenty of records. Keaton Interiors’ Andra Maldovan will design the space. Expect a warm chill environment with good vibes and a touch of femininity that takes the form of a '70s conversation pit, sans the pit, Siamro says.

Musically, Ladylove will showcase Spinster Records' offerings. Sounds will include indie, soul, funk R&B, lowkey hip hop, country and Americana. The venue will have a DJ booth and stage. Grover and Siamro say they have their eyes on local vinyl DJs and beyond. One name Dallas can expect to see on Ladylove’s lineup is DJ Sober, “He’ll definitely be there,” the duo says.

But what’s a lounge without food and drink? For food, Grover and Siamro are leaning on their neighbors' wisdom.

“​​Bishop Arts kind of has a Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood feel where it's kind of hard to work in the area every day without getting to know your neighbors,” Siamro says. “It's really exciting because I feel like the community here has the right energy for everyone to come together on this lounge.”

Taco y Vino owner Jimmy Contreras will be creating Ladylove’s menu.

“We want to have some good, fun food, but we also really want to have some healthy options,” Grover says.

The late-night menu will be diverse. Along with some indulgent offerings, Ladylove will provide plant-based and protein-filled clean foods. The menu will be finalized within the coming weeks.

The collaboration is a natural extension of the kinship Grover, Siamro and Contreras have developed through their existing working relationship. Spinster Records collaborates with Taco y Vino on Mondays for “Taco y Vinyl” night.

Beer selection will be limited. Instead, the lounge will focus on elevated cocktails with approachable pricing.

“We're going to be price-conscious,” Grover says. “We're really going to try to make our menu delicious and interesting without the super-high Dallas bar prices.”

For Ladylove, Grover and Siamro pull from their own experiences as Dallas consumers.

“It is like when you get a $14 gin and tonic, we just think that's ridiculous,” Grover says. “We still want to have great-quality booze and great-quality ingredients. It's still going to be an elevated cocktail bar, but we're very conscious of pricing.”

The duo announced the concept on Instagram and were met with an enthusiastic response.

“It's been so great to see the response of everyone,” Siamro says. “We've been getting calls left and right asking ‘When are you booking DJs? Are you hiring for bartenders?’ It was kind of this nice response. I am feeling the love for Ladylove.”
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