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Texas Forces the Pharmacy Bar to Rebrand, and a New Bar and Arcade Will Open in Its Place

The Pharmacy in Deep Ellum has closed and will re-open as a bar and arcade.
The Pharmacy in Deep Ellum has closed and will re-open as a bar and arcade. Beth Rankin
The Pharmacy in Deep Ellum, which opened last summer, abruptly closed this week "amid a name dispute from the State of Texas," according to a press release. The new concept, Select Start, is slated to open in the Pharmacy's space within the week. Via the release:

"The Pharmacy Deep Ellum, a popular dessert and drink spot outside of Downtown Dallas, has closed its doors amid a name dispute from the State of Texas, and is seeking a new, better equipped location to properly meet the high demand that its indulgent milkshakes produced. In its place, a spinoff of the concept named Select Start will open, featuring an expanded selection of arcade games, floats, ice cream, and a higher-end cocktail and beer program. Select Start is hoping to open doors just a week after the closure of The Pharmacy.

Why did Texas shut the Pharmacy down? Because its name is a violation of Texas law that stipulates that only registered pharmacies can use the word pharmacy in their names.

"The closure was prompted after receiving notice from the Texas State Board of Pharmacy that the name — 'The Pharmacy' — was in violation of the Texas Pharmacy Act," according to the release. "Specifically, the name 'pharmacy' or 'apothecary' cannot be used by any business except those that are registered pharmacies with the state.

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The Pharmacy was known for its boozy milkshake concoctions.
Beth Rankin
"The owners decided to use this opportunity to address the issues with meeting the ever-increasing demand for milkshakes, and the inefficiencies that creating them behind a bar posed," the release continues. "Opening in a new location with a kitchen will allow the demand to be better met, and significantly reduce wait times. Details on the new name and location will be released at a later date."

Select Start will open with 18-20 arcade games. On Feb. 2, the bar posted a look at the games, noting that more would be arriving soon.

The bar will have a mix of "new-school and old-school games, with titles such as 'Marvel vs. Capcom,' four-player 'Pac-Man,' 'Guitar Hero' and 'Crossy Road.' Several pinball machines, skee ball, and basketball are also in the mix," according to the release. "A 75-inch TV hanging over the bar will be playing live streams of your favorite gamers. Two 55-inch TVs will also be mounted behind the bar with Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles preloaded with several popular games."

The bar's menu will shift as well, focusing on "gamer-themed cocktails and shots," according to the release. "Soda and beer floats will still be available, along with a selection of snacks and ice cream scoops. Select Start is seeking to bring an elevated 'barcade' experience to Deep Ellum."

The Pharmacy/Select Start, 2812 Elm St.
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