This Week's Best Food Deals, Starring Luxury, Nostalgia and a Lot of Tiny Cupcakes

Foodbitch's inboxes fill each day with a metric shit-ton of offers, flash sales and discounts. Here are some of this week's foodfull best.

TravelZoo: $79 for dinner for two at The Crescent Club I've been to The Crescent Club for a charity event, and let me just say it's a seriously fine dining experience. Not just anybody can get a reservation at this place. You have to be a member, and it's a bit more than the cost of a gym membership. A lot of folks are jumping on this deal, like around 1,200, but the good news is allllll those folks will be divided up between now and November, so it won't be like the time you bought a month of hot yoga and had to do your down dogs wedged among sixty sweaty cheapskates.

DailyCandy Deals: $37 for 50 Miniature Cupcakes You've probably noticed we have a lot of cupcake competition here in Dallas, and it's a good thing there's no such thing as too many cupcakes. So agrees DailyCandy, as they are offering 50 or 100 mini cupcakes from New York's Baked By Melissa. Half of what they're calling DailyCandy custom cupcakes (blue and pink crazy looking things), and half assorted, there's plenty there to get both you and a few friends far into the sugar shock danger zone. What makes this deal better is that when you buy you are entered to win even more sweets from Melissa. It seems these cupcakes like to multiply like rabbits, but I'm thinking they will disappear even faster.

Gilt Taste: $25.99 for a half pound of Chocolate Pistachio Toffee I'm used to the delectable-looking food porn photography on Gilt Taste, but this deal stopped me in my tracks. Toffee + chocolate + pistachios? It's so different and yet so much more perfect than any toffee bark I've ever encountered. The answer is simple: Get. In. My. Mouth.

Google Offers: $16 gets you dinner for four at Double Dave's Pizzaworks It's not so bad to have to go to Euless to travel back in time to your college years. At least my college years were studded with trips to Double Dave's Pizzaworks in Austin. What's more, this deal prescribes your dinner for four so you won't have to even think about what to order. You'll get a two-topping pizza, six pepperoni rolls, a medium Stromboli, some of their ridiculously-named Cinnamonstyxz, and four salads. Sure, it's no Cane Rosso, but it's no Pizza Hut either. So if you're in the mood for something somewhere in between, and maybe a bit of a drive too, buy this deal in the next couple days and get you some Double Dave's.

Scoutmob: 50% off at Paciugo on McKinney Avenue We don't get a lot of gelato down here in Texas. It melts, is the thing. But luckily for all of us, it's both "winter," and there's a half off deal from Scoutmob. The best part about this deal is it's commitment-free -- all you have to do is flash that app and you'll be able to get your sweet on for half the price.

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