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Tried and True, the New Spot to Replace Neighborhood Services Tavern, is Open

Nick Badovinus, the man behind the Neighborhood Services restaurant group, has opened a new restaurant and bar, Tried and True (2405 N. Henderson Ave.). The restaurant has taken over the location that previously housed Neighborhood Services Tavern, and while the space hasn't changed much architecturally (a few walls have been knocked down and some tables and booths have been removed) the vibe is completely different. The restaurant resembles a '70s sports bar; a red glow permeates from an enormous florescent "Bingo" sign placed above the kitchen, diner-style booths line the perimeter of the dining room, and the walls are adorned with eclectic vintage decor (most of which was purchased on eBay). Diners can grab a seat on the patio (which is lined in AstroTurf), at the bar, or if they'd rather, can play a round of shuffleboard or shoot pool while they wait for a booth (chances are, there will be a wait).

The menu offers comfort food like a cheese burger ($10), beer-can chicken ($9) and pork shoulder roast with blue cheese and barbecue sauce ($9), as well as a variety of sandwiches, appetizers and seafood. There's also a number of daily specials coming soon, which includes snow crab legs on Wednesdays, French bread pizza on Thursdays and Memphis style St. Louis ribs on Saturdays.

Peel and eat shrimp

Oyster on the half-shell

Country ham with crusty bread, apple butter arugula and Calabrese mayo

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