Vegans Rejoice: Texas State Veggie Fair Fried Food Competition

The State Fair of Texas offers a millionty delicious fried food options, but if you're vegan, food-wise you're pretty much limited to sniffing second-hand funnel cake fumes.

Well, fuck all that. It's time vegans and vegetarians had a chance to join in the fun. And Jamey Scott, founder of DallasVegan.com, agrees. October 23, Scott brings us the Texas State Veggie Fair. For all you vegans who have been craving a funnel cake, Scott says, "Yeah, we've got vendors coming out this year to do vegan funnel cakes, vegan corn dogs, all the fair food you'd expect from a state fair."

On top of that, the Texas State Veggie Fair will host a fried food competition that's much like the State Fair of Texas' Big Tex Choice Awards, only all the entries will be vegan. "Last year, fried vegan Bob Armstrong queso won Most Creative," Scott says, "And the fried vegan Reuben sandwich won Best Taste."

I'm not vegan. I eat the occasional entire cow. But, meat-eater or not, you can't deny that this food looks delicious. And the challenge of making a better-for-you funnel cake is definitely intriguing.

I'm equal-opportunity fried-stuff. I think everyone should get their fried coma on during fair season, and the food people are serving up at the Texas State Veggie Fair looks uh-mazing.

Another cool part of Scott's fried vegan competition: Anyone can participate. If you have some food you want to fry and enter in the competition (I'm lookin' at you, fried elotes people), it's just $15 to enter the contest. In addition to winning the kickass title of Most Creative or Best Taste, winners get $100 each. The only rules are that the food has to be vegan (duh) and the ideas should be "original, interesting, new and creative."

In addition to being an opportunity to prove that "vegan food can be just as delicious as non-vegan food," Scott says the goal of the event is to "promote wellness and the health benefits of a plant-based diet." With a fried food competition? Hey, fried seitan has to be better for you than fried bubble gum, right? I'll buy it.

Now, who's helping me figure out how to make fried vegan burnt ends? Let's win this thing.

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