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This Goes on Your Permanent Record: Grading Mike Rawlings’ 2 Terms as Mayor

7 hours ago by Stephen Young
When Mike Rawlings took his spot at the center of Dallas City Council's horseshoe-shaped table, the 2011 World Series had yet to break local sports fans’ hearts, Rick Perry was still governor of Texas and Deep Ellum was still Deep Ellum. By remaining mayor until Eric Johnson took the oath...

Pork Belly Ribs and Burnt End Boudin — Cattleack’s Weekly Specials Continue To Amaze

7 hours ago by Chris Wolfgang
By and large, the standard fare at most Texas barbecue spots doesn’t stray too far from center. Brisket, sausage and ribs define true north, with beans, coleslaw, and mac and cheese the likely side choices. That said, we love to see shops flex their creative muscles, and there may be...

LA Producer Alexander Lewis Keeps His Eye on North Texas Hip-Hop

7 hours ago by Roderick Pullum
Alexander Lewis is an EDM and hip-hop producer based in Los Angeles, who's created beats for notable artists, including Yogi, Krane, Juice WRLD and Chief Keef. In 2017, he performed at Coachella, and last year he went on a multidate tour in Australia. Over the last couple of years, his...

Rachel Gollay’s Music Is a Riot of Feeling and Sensitivity for the Human Condition

7 hours ago by Preston Jones
Rachel Gollay’s music is deceptive. What seems at first blush to be deliberate, exacting and polished (which, make no mistake, the Fort Worth singer-songwriter’s songs are very much all of those), actually contains a riot of human feeling, messy and complicated emotions roiling beneath that considered surface. It’s tempting to...

Catching Up With Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Veto Pen

7 hours ago by Stephen Young
The Texas Legislature passed 1,429 bills in 2019. Lawmakers took swipes at problems that have plagued the state for decades, like Texas' public school finance system, and problems that don't exist, like doctors who regularly get away with committing infanticide. They passed many bills, the effects of which won't be...

Seven-Piece Band O. Deletron Finds Strength in Numbers

7 hours ago by Tyler Hicks
The word alone makes them laugh. O. Deletron, a Fort Worth-based band comprised of seven music veterans, has heard the word “supergroup” thrown around, but the musicians are not too keen on that descriptor. “I find it a little humorous,” pianist Thomas Horton says. “If you go to our shows,...

Two Dallas Women Will Appear on Upcoming Reality Shows — Fun!

7 hours ago by Paige Skinner
Do you remember Elena Davies? She was that former radio personality who was on the reality show Big Brother and who we featured on our cover back in 2018? Anyway, she's going to be on another reality show called Ex on the Beach. It's about singles who live in a...

How One Dallas Chef Is Using a Deep Ellum Rooftop to Help Save the Bees

7 hours ago by Taylor Adams
Chef Joel Orsini has turned the Deep Ellum rooftop above Izkina into a small apiary and production garden for the restaurant attached to Deep Ellum Hostel.

How To Prepare for Flat Earth Conference Coming to North Texas in November

7 hours ago by Danny Gallagher
You know the saying, "Everyone knows that." The fact that Earth is a three-dimensional oblong spheroid no longer applies to that idiom. There are people in this almost perfect sphere of a world who believe the earth is a flat surface surrounded by a wall of ice (and wait, that's...

Dallas Courthouse Shooting Suspect’s Facebook Paints Picture of Weeks Prior to Shooting

22 hours ago by Stephen Young
Photos and videos from a Facebook page apparently belonging to Brian Isaack Clyde, the 22-year-old man identified by federal officials as the person who shot up downtown Dallas' Earle Cabell federal courthouse, show the suspected shooter handling a rifle that looks similar to the one he was with which photographed...

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