2018 Snowpocalypse II: It's Time to Panic. No, Seriously. We Mean It This Time.

Sometime this afternoon, snow — or worse, wintry mix — will descend on DFW for the second time in less than a week. North Texas' supplications to Dallas' weather deity and WFAA-TV meteorologist Pete Delkus have gone unheard, and not for the first time.  This time, the winter weather advisory, government speak for white-out blizzard set to strike as soon as you pull out of your office's garage, begins at 6 p.m. and continues through the night Monday. This despite the fact that Monday morning was perfectly sunny and pleasant. Like Pan, the Greek god from whose name the term panic derives, Delkus and his fellow TV weather people take pleasure in our confusion. Through the night, as temperatures dip into the teens and wind chill drops into the lower digits, the National Weather Service warns that "icy bridges and roadways will make for hazardous travel." Staying in is the best course of action, but Dallas' experienced, skillful drivers should feel free to head out for essential activities, like taking their kids to Truck Yard so Mom can take the edge off or taking pictures of misplaced bike-share bikes.  By the time the white nightmare is over, some areas of Dallas could see as much as half an inch of frozen precipitation, completely paralyzing the city Tuesday. Stay safe out there, people.
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Stephen Young has written about Dallas news for the Observer since 2014. He's a Dallas native and a graduate of the University of North Texas.
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