Riley Dodge Will Never Live Down That Whole Projectile Vomiting Thing

Thank you, Sports Illustrated. Because of you, we have a reason to finally post the following infamous clip that you should definitely not watch before, during or immediately after lunch. To wit:

Someday Riley Dodge would like to be known as the first quarterback to lead Southlake Carroll High to back-to-back Texas 5A Division I football titles. Someday he'd like to be known for helping his dad, Todd, the former Carroll coach, build a winning tradition at the University of North Texas. Someday Riley Dodge would like to be known for something other than what he's famous for now -- projectile vomiting through his face mask immediately before (and moments after) throwing the go-ahead touchdown pass in the fourth quarter of the state championship victory against Austin Westlake last December.

Yeah, stand back. And while you're at it, would you like a mint? They're wafer-thin. --Robert Wilonsky

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