Since No One Knows What’s Going On, We Turn to Psychics for Pandemic Answers

Since no one seems to know what the f—- is going on, we are turning to the cards.
Since no one seems to know what the f—- is going on, we are turning to the cards. Madame Stella Divine

Many of us are, understandably, feeling pretty lost these days. Our whole world has been turned upside down, and we find ourselves wondering: When will things go back to “normal”? Since it’s damn near impossible to get a straight answer from the conventional powers that be, we turned to the universe hoping to find a modicum of clarity. Here’s what the best psychics in Dallas had to say about where things are headed.

Megan Benanti

Benanti specializes in reading tarot cards, the practice of drawing and interpreting from a deck of 78 cards, each with different images and meanings, to gain insights.

“The pictures speak to me,” she tells us over the phone. “I read cards intuitively, meaning I studied textbook meanings and that sort of thing, but I also go by what I see in that moment. My intuition just triggers when I see pictures.”

Benanti is still seeing her clients virtually throughout the pandemic, and she says that many of their worries are the same right now — everyone wants to know when this is all going to end.

“I got the sense that some things will start to go back to normal in June, but summer is weird,” she says. “I get a lot of mixed readings on what summer feels like, so I don’t have a strong answer on that yet.”

Benanti was kind enough to perform a special reading for the Observer regarding the pandemic. Here’s what her cards tell us:

“First, everything came up upside down, which means, in this case, that we are moving through the challenge and against the current."

Ace of cups (reversed): "It doesn't really matter when the quarantine ends, because there is no vaccine yet. So when it ends, there will not be the joy we are hoping to feel."

Page of wands (reversed): "Our economy is going to have a slow recovery. It will spend a reasonable amount of time retraining itself to adapt to the new consumer. The consumer has changed, so the market will have to adjust. Think of the economy as a young child. Willing to learn and adapt to be successful, but it has a learning curve — it's not instantaneous."

Seven of pentacles (reversed):
 "As we come out of quarantine, we need to prepare for the slow progress of financial affluence. Some people are going to have adjusted to the demands of the market and immediately make money. Most everyone else will find themselves needing to bend and be flexible to accommodate sales in ways they had never expected. For example, it might be a sole proprietor making a deal with an individual buyer just to move more merchandise. The less flexible a business is, the longer their recovery will take."

Three of pentacles (reversed):
"The best way we can help each other collectively, once quarantine ends, is to not all go back to work at once. We will be looking out for each other, and need to continue to maintain social distancing. Companies will only require certain people to come in. It might even help them to find out now, who wants to be back in the office. Some people need socialization more than others."

Four of wands (reversed):
"Pairs with this and confirms the lack of celebrations, parties, weddings, etc. It's not about getting together in large groups yet. Things will continue to stay small and spaced out.”

Madame Stella Divine

For Madame Stella Divine, who is the resident psychic at Deep Ellum’s Quixotic World, this crisis is an opportunity for awareness and transformation. She also practices tarot, but approaches her clients’ needs with a more holistic view.

“I guess you could say I’m an intuitive consultant,” she tells us. “I use tarot, palm readings and psychic channeling in order to divine information for clients.”

Stella has also continued serving her clients virtually, since Quixotic World was among the first establishments forced to close their doors in order to slow the spread of the virus.

“We don’t get to choose when it’s done ... the universe tells us when it’s done.” – Madame Stella Divine

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“I mostly have been meeting with clients about their career changes lately, and that has been in the cards for the majority of people,” she says. “But I’ve also seen a lot of silver linings for people. If we take this opportunity for personal transformation, it can lead to better societal and global awareness and the change we’ve all been hoping for.

“I’ve been telling my clients for months and months now that 2020 was gonna be a roller coaster and, to be frank, I said it was pretty much gonna suck. So I think the majority of people in my community have known that we were in for some sort of significant global experience. We just didn’t know how it was going to present. Well, maybe some did, but I didn’t.”

Divine has been thinking about the end of the crisis a lot lately, since she, like most of us, has found herself with more downtime than usual.

“We don’t get to choose when it’s done ... the universe tells us when it’s done,” she says. “I’ve been seeing that we’re in this through November. As much as I’d love to say, ‘Oh, we’re gonna be back to normal by summer,’ it’s going to be a very slow and cautious return.”

She’s also aware that there may not be a “normal” to return to.

“You can’t not know that there’s an invisible predator out there that can wipe out communities,” Divine says. “People will be changed, especially those that were touched.”

Madame Stella also shares a recent reading concerning the pandemic:

“This tarot spread from March 26, 2020, shows a common COVID-19 influence showing up in readings these days," she begins. "The first card in the layout is the five of pentacles, which indicates concern regarding money matters in the home or environment. It is covered by the 10 of wands and the 10 of pentacles. These two cards represent burdens being lifted, new perspective and stable finances.

"In the center of the layout, we have cards relating to the most important matter or that which is weighing most heavily on the heart: The Hermit, The King of Pentacles and The Devil indicate a time of solitude and the need for soul-searching regarding wealth-creation and/or business. This is an opportunity to overcome blockages inhibiting personal growth through personal exploration.”

Britten LaRue

If you’ve read your horoscope in D Magazine, you’re already familiar with astrologer and Dallas native Britten LaRue.

“I like to use astrology as a way to ask questions and help clients know themselves better,” she tells the Observer. “I don’t really use it in terms of predicting what will happen, rather to help people prepare based on the probable energies or situations they might find themselves in and to empower them to know their own path.”

Astrologers, too, have been aware for some time that 2020 was going to be a challenging year, she says.

“Based on the way certain planets were going to line up this year, we were looking at having a dissolution of systems,” LaRue says. “This was going to create a potential crisis situation that was going to ask all of us to start a new narrative for how we do things.”

LaRue adds that, based on astrology, we’re going to continue to be in surges all through the fall and into 2021 as we work toward rebuilding. But she has some advice for each of us, based on our astrological signs. Here are her “messages of resilience in a changing world.”

Aries: "You are the strong and brave leader we need right now. You are the one that rises to the call of your will. Trust that you possess all the energy you need to sustain you in every task."

Taurus: "You are the dependable one we lean on right now. You are the rhythm of steady determination. Trust that your roots are strong enough to weather any change."

Gemini: "You are the possibility generator. Help us trust that adaptation can be exciting. Help us see the future available when we cross-pollinate parts of self and open into new ways of being."

Cancer: "You are the nurturing presence of fierce love we need right now. Remember to protect your feeling body from over-worrying so that you have enough energy to refill your own cup."

Leo: "You are the charismatic heart of your community. You are the one who helps us remember to laugh and play. Trust that you possess all the courage you need to lead."

Virgo: "You are the problem solver and the devoted servant we need. Know that your willingness to show up with solutions will be the grounding force for many during this time."

Libra: "You help us to lay down our defenses and listen from the heart: to laugh, to understand, to connect. You literally disarm us. Know that this diplomatic gift is crucial right now."

Scorpio: "You bravely see to the root of truth. Know that your sharp intelligence and deep humor are so needed right now. Identify where change is needed and help us transform."

Sagittarius: "You are the seeker of meaning. You are the weaver of stories. Gather your community around your voice and inspire us to contribute to the most hopeful version of this history."

Capricorn: "You are the wise elder we need right now. You are the one with the focused discipline. Trust that you have all the strength you need to complete each task you are set."

Aquarius: "You are the revolutionary, the inventor of future realities. Know that your innovation vision is crucial to the unfolding of new paradigms right now."

Pisces: "You are the compassionate dreamer we need right now. Teach us to imagine a new way forward that gently surrenders what is lost in order to create anew from a song of love."
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