Snap 151 Is a Place of Backdrops For Influencers Who Need ‘Content’

Alberto Rabelo

One of the keys to a solid social media presence is maintaining a desirable aesthetic. Snap 151 co-founders Audrey Miranda and Dawn Snodgrass have created a solution to take your Instagram content from basic to festive. At Snap 151, influencers, photographers, content creators and photo lovers alike have several opportunities to create physical memories against a variety of unique backdrops.

Having already become a hit in Fort Worth, Snap 151 will open its Dallas pop-up location April 5 in Mockingbird Station. Miranda and Snodgrass have worked for six months to bring their Insta-vision to life.

“Dawn and I previously worked in social media marketing,” Miranda says. “After running around the city for different backdrops, we realized there was a need for different types of backdrops to create content. We met up last October, brainstormed the idea, and opened in Fort Worth in January.”

Throughout Snap 151’s 4,500 square feet are various backdrops designed to make your social media photos pop, including a streamer wall, a hanging garden and a ball pit. Snap 151 also has fun props for use, like a dozen walking flamingos and a large box modeled in the style of a Chinese takeout box. There is also a confetti room, where people can take pictures and boomerang videos as colorful pieces of ticker tape fall from the ceiling.

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Alberto Rabelo

“Whether you’re a blogger and you need content, or if you’re a group of 15-year-old girls who wants to have their birthday party here, we’ve got something for everybody,” Miranda says. “We’ve seen the whole gamut of people coming through our space.”

Snodgrass and Miranda funded Snap 151 themselves. In fact, the two are the studio’s only employees and oversee all internal operations.

Snap 151 will open Friday, April 5 and run until May 19.

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