7-Eleven Will Rent Their New Evolution Store in Dallas for Gamers on Airbnb

A sneak peek at 7-Eleven's never-been-shopped-in 7-Eleven Evolution Store with a posh gaming station.EXPAND
A sneak peek at 7-Eleven's never-been-shopped-in 7-Eleven Evolution Store with a posh gaming station.
courtesy 7-Eleven
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Did you have to read that headline seven times? Yeah, us too. We tried to fit "Dak Prescott" into it as well, but had to cut our losses somewhere.

Irving-based 7-Eleven is getting into the short-term rental business. On Monday, they announced a Game-All-Night Experience through Airbnb that allows a few lucky Dallas County gamers to go all out on a Slurpee machine while playing PlayStation 5 at their new luxury evolution store. Bonus, Dak Prescott is the virtual host and there's an hour-long Twitch with FaZe Temperrr.

There’s still a lot to unpack here ...

On Monday Feb. 1, 7-Eleven will open up reservations on Airbnb for two nights, Feb. 26 and Feb. 28., at this gaming paradise, and each evening is priced at $11. The guests must be 18 and live in Dallas County. There’s room for two guests each night, but those two must live in the same house (because of COVID).

Details on the listing state that check-in is 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., no pets or parties. A car service will be provided, which could be cool, but also kills any chance for an Irish goodbye if it’s lame. As far as sleeping arrangements, there will be two reclining luxury lounge chairs (no tummy sleepers) plush robes, slippers, blankets, pillows “and more!” We’re most excited about those last two words, especially the exclamation mark, because those unexpected thoughtful touches left by the host are always the best. (Free nachos for life!)

“The store will be completely transformed into a plush futuristic gaming palace,” reads a statement from 7-Eleven. The evening will include a one-hour Twitch streaming session with FaZe Clan’s FaZe Temperrr.

Even better, or worse, gamers will have access to a bevy of 7-Eleven drinks and snacks, including the Slurpee drink station, Laredo tacos, Red Bull, MTN DEW and Doritos.

This new concept is an experiential testing ground, and five similar stores are slated to open across the nation.

In light of the pandemic, 7-Eleven says guests will have to wear a mask when not eating or drinking, but when would that be? We know savvy gamers will streamline the Dew through a super long straw chain inserted atop a galactic gulp.

No word on whether guests can request a late checkout. But there will be a “certified compliance officer” to watch over all activities to ensure COVID safety measures are being observed, which is when a collective sigh of relief fell across the room. Mom says it's OK to go as long as the certified compliance officer is there.

Further, per the company, “A 7-Eleven concierge will provide guidance and answer any questions or concerns throughout guests’ experience. Guests will only encounter COVID-19 Compliance Officer and the 7-Eleven concierge in store. All other staff (security, maintenance, food service, etc.) will remain outside of the store unless guests request their services.”

This literally has to be a movie. Released on Netflix the next week, right? 

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