Put a roof on the sucker and let's get ready to rumble: The Bomb Factory is almost here
Put a roof on the sucker and let's get ready to rumble: The Bomb Factory is almost here
Kathy Tran

5 Things We Know About the Return of Iconic Deep Ellum Venue The Bomb Factory

Well pals, if you read DC9 at Night, Robert Wilonsky at The Dallas Morning News, or Central Track, you could have easily missed the news due to a lack of coverage, but the historic Deep Ellum venue, The Bomb Factory, is having a resurrection. The grand opening on Thursday, March 26 has none other than the Queen herself Erykah Badu as the headliner. Purity Ring, The Jesus and Mary Chain and a bunch of hair metal type bands are coming through the 4,300 capacity venue as well.

Trees and The Bomb Factory marketing guru, Gavin Mulloy held a AMA (ask me anything) on the Dallas Reddit on Wednesday afternoon to unveil some facts about the venue. What did he say during the Internet press conference? The Dallas Observer is on the scene. Here are the answers.

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The sightlines should be great from anywhere in the room

Mulloy: "We wont have any obstructed floor views thanks to spanning the ceiling. Plus our stage is higher and we have a Mezzanine Level with seating that will be available on all sold out shows."

So a mezzanine level is a great piece of architecture to have in a venue. It's no fun having to strain all night at a show because of no good vantage points.

The huge room will be adjustable to accommodate smaller shows. Comedy is also part of the plan.

Mulloy: "Most shows don't sellout at any venue. We're hoping we have to move a couple from Trees over there. We also have a seated capacity of 1200. Maybe some comedy? Louis CK, you on this Thread?"

Now, a comedy venue in Deep Ellum with a 4,300 capacity? That's great, but Louie just cancelled a show at Madison Square Garden because of the blizzard. He'd have to do multiple nights at The Bomb Factory, but Sarah Silverman seems like a great idea...

It's not clear if the The Bomb Factory will be a part of larger Deep Ellum events like Index Fest.

Mulloy: "Not sure. Time will tell."

Hopefully time serves us well. This would be great because it opens up the possibility for getting some of those larger acts inside of a venue. Face it, the venue show will always and forever trump the outside show. It's just facts.

There will be balcony seats, and you can select them on Ticket Fly. Don't be worried.

Mulloy: "We will have plenty of seats available for shows that the balcony is open. The seat maps will be available Friday for on sales."

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Balcony seats, for the old people or lazy people who would much rather sit down because it's more comfortable. I'm one of the two, guess which?

The Bomb Factory has a dream list of Texas artists they'd love to land.

Mulloy: "So many dreams. But Texas based artists, let's go with Beyonce, Willie, Waylon or Usher. The sky is the limit."

It's a stretch for any of these things to happen in any type of reality, especially because Waylon Jennings is dead, but we can all dream. However, how awesome would it be if Beyonce did a one week residency at The Bomb Factory? Still a stretch, but we can still dream.

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